Saturday, June 13, 2009

An uncensored post

I have always preferred Hindi over English. Not that i can't speak decent English, but it's just my love for the language and there's no reason for love. But when it comes to expressing passion, i believe that English has a slight edge over Hindi.

Just a random analysis made me come up with a few English words which arguably express passion or the exact emotion--most of them being invectives though! i would begin with the word "bitch". It's one of my favourites. i mean the high you get by pronouncing the word "bitch" as "bbbitchh!" is something altogether different. The word is so full of passion and each time i utter it (mostly in jest), it gives me a certain sense of achievement and then i keep looping it till i am satiated. Try it. It's kind of addictive. But don't do it insipidly (Remember- "bbbitchh"; or if you are still unclear, listen to the latter part of "emotional attyachar"-rock version).

Second in the list has to be "fuck".....sorry......."fffaakkkk!!". The best part about the word is the wide spectrum of forms it offers.As in its usage in different phrases churns out a different meaning each time. "fuck you", "fuck off","fucking good/bad", "what the fuckk!".......and the list goes on. It's amazing how the word can find a place in almost any sentence without appearing as a misfit. And the passion that oozes out of pronouncing it, if you do it the right way, is fffucckking awesome!

Moving on, the next word,rather a pair that crosses my mind is "suck it!".It's a hit among all school kids, who grew up feeding on WWE....days when we all thought that Undertaker is indeed a "dead man walking". The phrase was one of my early introductions to the world of English abuses. I still remember how long it took me as a kid to figure out the "it" part of it.And when i did, there was a certain element of disbelief as to how can someone suck "it"!! Each time i used to see Shawn Michaels enter the ring with those vigorous back and forth pelvic thrusts with crossed hands, i would be like....."yeh kya gande gande ishare kar raha hai!" .And then the next day people in the class would discuss the match and would imitate him......"Suck it!!". Even today in college the phrase invariably pops up each time there's a heated discussion on football(of which i am never a part), though most people have moved on to its Hindi version- "mooh mein le!".

There are a few more English and Hindi words that are crossing my mind right now, but i would like to restrain myself, for the fear of being reported for abuse looms overhead ;) (actually have to sleep now) But ya ,these are the words that make it to the top 3 of my list of "passionate" words. Do let me know if they have any serious competitors ;)

P.S.:This post in no way encourages people to swear, though nobody cares even if you do :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

If only........

I am a staunch believer of destiny. You may disagree, but it does guide us all. We are all its slaves. there are things which you would feel you had under control, but then it just slipped away like sand in clutched palms. it happens. sometimes you just feel that "if only" factor. i am feeling it so strongly today. like never before; and i mean it. if god today grants me one wish, i would definitely ask Darshan back from him.

Darshan childhood buddy, my brother. 8 years of friendship ,and it all came crashing down in one fateful moment. i still remember promising him a call before leaving for Kota.......A call that i could never was just too late. And all i can do now is curse myself for it. i would be lying if i say i forgot to make that call. "i called him last time.let him call me this time" shocks me to death when i see how childishly i behaved. and then suddenly 2 weeks after reaching Kota i get the news that Darshan is no more! Nothing in life had shocked me ever before like that news did. i never felt so helpless, and disgusted at myself. I had just lost my 'bestest' friend. 17 is certainly not the age to pass away. but someone up there thought otherwise. i cried like never before. i sweared (at myself and god) like never before. but it was all futile. Darshan was gone. i miss him so much....till date. i am feeling lonely today and i so wish he were around. we were quite similar in every respect, but size. He was a better singer. i still remember it all so vividly........same handwriting, same philosophies, same interests and almost the same marks! i lost the habit of talking over the phone for long durations once Darshan was gone. we used to discuss all kinds of guy shit! and for people who have managed to notice my "abhi kya karega?" question as an ending to every phone conversation, you now know where is it coming from.

Really, the incident taught me a few things. Most importantly,it taught me the importance of letting a person you care for know that how much you care for him/ it your mother, father, sibling, friend or whoever for that matter. Because you don't get "that" person so easily in life, and trust me you never will, again in life. And you realize the extent of the loss only when they are gone, as in my case. So i take this opportunity to let all my friends know how important you all are to me. you guys rock and i love you all!

And Darshan, i so wish that you were around today. i am sorry for not making that call. i really am. the regret haunts me till date. miss you. Amen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A ride to remember

Party time!! it's a blog update!
Pheww!! The last one month has by far been the most tiring one in 21 me.
Tiring, because it was tiring. And testing because it tried my patience to the hilt.
Amid all this chaos and mindfuckedness, there was one incident that finally persuaded a lazy ass like me to update this space(it's not that writing is a pain;writing is fun, but typing surely is a pain :P)
It was just another wednesday(or was it thursday,or monday,tuesday,friday.........bah!!chuck).Assume it was wednesday(typical "bada" writer types *bling-bling*....."ye budhwaar ki baat hai" :P")
Oops sorry!ya so coming back to the topic.It was wednesday(:D).After a yet-another-tiring-day, i finally left for home,only to find aditya and the big man Maunil standing beside his car("pathfinder"....he calls it :P).Aditya had his activa and was about to drive back home.The prospect of a bike ride lured me and i decided to ride pillion behind Aditya.Mistake.I trusted his driving skills.big mistake.

So finally we set off! We were supposed to drive behind Maunil, but he took a different route and so we gave up the idea.We took the link road. A few jerks here and there generated a slight doubt in my mind already,but I chose to overlook all that.(Always trust your instincts .they never lie.i learned this the hard way) . ”meri gaadi ka brake humesha top condition mein rehta hai. Tension mat le.”,said Aditya…..”Gaadi”….as if it were a Lamborghini! We moved on. And here I was, witnessing some of Aditya’s “genius”. He started driving the activa throught the minutest of passages. Left and right. Vroom! All he needed was a gap of 70 cms to take his 2-wheeler through it. Taking his activa to a top speed and then braking abruptly! This was just a beginning. I tried to maintain my cool and remarked……”Aditya.abhi sirf 8:30 hue hain. Mujhe ghar ghar jaane ki kooooooi jaldi nahi hai”, hoping that the extra o’s in my “koi” would make him drive more sensibly.But it all fell on deaf ears. He replied,“arey tu tension mat le. Main drivergiri karta hoon par izzat se chalata hoon” .”ya..…right”, I said to myself. And there were further words of wisdom from him.”tujhe pata hai na main beech main activa se gir gaya tha. Bahut lagi thi. Jo insaan ek baar girta hai, vo vapas kabhi nahi girta. Isliye tension mat le”. Not sure whom he was trying to convince. Himself or me. I kept mum. All I was concerned was reaching home …..not in a dismantled condition.

And then came a driver’s delight! An open road,where he could speed up! And that was exactly what Aditya did. we were moving along the road when to my horror an Indica to our left took an abrupt right!
And bbang! Aditya lost control, but quickly tried to regain it; but not before we had rammed into a cyclewala 90 degrees sharp! The poor fellow was waiting at the divider to cross and there were vehicles flowing down the other lane in the opposite direction. The impact with the Indica was considerable, and if not for the cyclewala, we would have been in the other lane and I wouldn’t have been sitting here updating my blog!! The poor fello w(the cyclewala) fell on the road, not able to sustain the impact. We were lucky not to skid. I escaped with minor bruises. But was fairly ok. We pleaded a heartfelt sorry to the bloke on the cycle and moved on.Embarassed and scared. That was my mental status then. So was aditya; embarrassed, if not scared. Itried to remain calm, because I know it happens. Happens with the best of drivers. But it was funny to see the commuters in the bus which was passing by when the incident occurred. They were giggling. Asses.
I tried singing “masakali” for Aditya just to cheer him up. For the first time in life I had to ‘try’ to sing. I thought the accident would make him drive safely atleast now. But destiny had other plans.We found an empty lane again. He sped up again. We were driving right behind another bike….not that activa is a bike,but….….ya so we were driving behind ’a ’ bike. I had still not got over the previous impact. God knows what prompted the bikerboy to suddenly decelerate, but whatever it was, it could have so easily spelt dooms day for us. As I mentioned, we were moving right behind him and as soon as he decelerated something in me told me that this is it!!bye bye mom ,dad,sis…..and I closed my eyes. We could have so easily rammed into the bike from behind! But then again, a “genius” that aditya is ,he just managed to steer the activa away from the bike,just in the nick of time. But that still couldn’t prevent a slight impact with the bike. It could all have so easily gone wrong!! Now I was kind of scared ….very scared.but not embarrassed this time. Two near death experiences in a span of 10 mins!! “Aditya mere bhai, agar aaj tune mujhe ghar safely pahucha diya, to kal tujhe fls pilaaoonga canteen mein. Maa kasam!”, I exclaimed. This second impact was enough to make aditya curb hi ”dhoom” instincts. “yeh speed ka chaska bahut khatarnaak hota hai. Safely chalana chahiye” ,I started sounding like a self-help book. It was a calm ride after that. I finally reached where I had to, in entirety.we had a small discussion after that.he was lookin quite embarrassed, but I knew he wouldn’t give up his biker ways. I then headed back home, the thought of possible consequences still not out of the mind.

The shameless fellow still keeps asking for the FLS that i promised him. ;)

P.S.:I still wouldn't mind riding pillion behind Aditya. I believe he's good. It's just that we had a bad day :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The bitch named "destiny"(contd.)

Everything was going well. The allotment of colleges was done.....and voila!! both of them ended up in the same college. Perfect!.... thought Vyom. After all, she was his best friend.What could be more ironical than meeting your "best" friend for the first time! But then,you can't be the master of your destiny.
The day finally arrived and they met each other in the college. But it took some time for a discussion to kick off. Talking on the phone is always easier! Soon the sessions were in full flow and vyom and Kiran would only get to meet during the break. Kiran with her enchanting nature and magnetic personality was an instant hit in the college.....equally "famous" amongst guys and girls. Vyom would now get to hear about her from everyone but she herself. He was now worried and at the same time a bit disappointed. But he chose to overlook all that. Gradually he noticed an evident change in their relationship. The phone conversations were no longer the same. The meetings which would take place once a day, would now be limited to once or twice a week. Vyom had no clue as to where Kiran would be during the break. He was slowly but surely beginning to feel irksome now.
Then one day Kiran herself broke the ice. "I am in love!" she exclaimed. Vyom was dumbstruck, but managed to retain his composure. He wanted her to continue. "I am sorry i didn't discuss this with you. But i just don't know how this happened. It all happened so fast. But it's a great feeling, I must say. He's the one for me!". Vyom finally spoke. "Well......great....emm. But we always used to discuss everything, didn't we? Nevertheless I am happy for you."Kiran had no answer. They departed after an awkward silence, with Vyom faking a smile.He didn't ask anything about the guy.Actually he didn't care. He was hurt.....but he didn't exactly know why was he feeling hurt. Maybe because he was miffed at the fact that he expected Kiran to share this with him,but she didn't. Maybe he felt he lost a friend......or maybe .........because he liked her. He was confused. Then he started blaming himself. Maybe it was all his fault. It was he who used to consider her as his best friend. Maybe he just expected too much. Soon all these thoughts started flooding out in the form of tears from his eyes.
Yes.......maybe he liked her,but never realized it. He didn't have an answer and he never will, he thought. Strange thing this destiny.......bitch!