Saturday, June 13, 2009

An uncensored post

I have always preferred Hindi over English. Not that i can't speak decent English, but it's just my love for the language and there's no reason for love. But when it comes to expressing passion, i believe that English has a slight edge over Hindi.

Just a random analysis made me come up with a few English words which arguably express passion or the exact emotion--most of them being invectives though! i would begin with the word "bitch". It's one of my favourites. i mean the high you get by pronouncing the word "bitch" as "bbbitchh!" is something altogether different. The word is so full of passion and each time i utter it (mostly in jest), it gives me a certain sense of achievement and then i keep looping it till i am satiated. Try it. It's kind of addictive. But don't do it insipidly (Remember- "bbbitchh"; or if you are still unclear, listen to the latter part of "emotional attyachar"-rock version).

Second in the list has to be "fuck".....sorry......."fffaakkkk!!". The best part about the word is the wide spectrum of forms it offers.As in its usage in different phrases churns out a different meaning each time. "fuck you", "fuck off","fucking good/bad", "what the fuckk!".......and the list goes on. It's amazing how the word can find a place in almost any sentence without appearing as a misfit. And the passion that oozes out of pronouncing it, if you do it the right way, is fffucckking awesome!

Moving on, the next word,rather a pair that crosses my mind is "suck it!".It's a hit among all school kids, who grew up feeding on WWE....days when we all thought that Undertaker is indeed a "dead man walking". The phrase was one of my early introductions to the world of English abuses. I still remember how long it took me as a kid to figure out the "it" part of it.And when i did, there was a certain element of disbelief as to how can someone suck "it"!! Each time i used to see Shawn Michaels enter the ring with those vigorous back and forth pelvic thrusts with crossed hands, i would be like....."yeh kya gande gande ishare kar raha hai!" .And then the next day people in the class would discuss the match and would imitate him......"Suck it!!". Even today in college the phrase invariably pops up each time there's a heated discussion on football(of which i am never a part), though most people have moved on to its Hindi version- "mooh mein le!".

There are a few more English and Hindi words that are crossing my mind right now, but i would like to restrain myself, for the fear of being reported for abuse looms overhead ;) (actually have to sleep now) But ya ,these are the words that make it to the top 3 of my list of "passionate" words. Do let me know if they have any serious competitors ;)

P.S.:This post in no way encourages people to swear, though nobody cares even if you do :)


Sanket said...

Finally a Post on Slang!!eu

shivani said...

Well... didnt find this post offensive as you anticipated i would.. hope you dont find this comment offensive too... My issue with english is similar though not exactly the same.. remember in childhood 'gay' had a very positive connotation and made us feel happy!

yugandhar said...

lol..nice light post..i agree with u...i listened to an audio clip which described hw fuck can be used as any part of speech with examples!!

Goswami said...

@sanket: yeah dude something light for a change....:)

@shivani: is it?does 'gay' also mean happy? :D

@yugandhar: ya a much needed break frm all the philosophical stuff :)

Shraddha said...

Hey nice one !! Totally agreed - SP mein aake to avoid using ffuck is fffffucking impossible...