Sunday, February 1, 2009

The bitch named "destiny"(contd.)

Everything was going well. The allotment of colleges was done.....and voila!! both of them ended up in the same college. Perfect!.... thought Vyom. After all, she was his best friend.What could be more ironical than meeting your "best" friend for the first time! But then,you can't be the master of your destiny.
The day finally arrived and they met each other in the college. But it took some time for a discussion to kick off. Talking on the phone is always easier! Soon the sessions were in full flow and vyom and Kiran would only get to meet during the break. Kiran with her enchanting nature and magnetic personality was an instant hit in the college.....equally "famous" amongst guys and girls. Vyom would now get to hear about her from everyone but she herself. He was now worried and at the same time a bit disappointed. But he chose to overlook all that. Gradually he noticed an evident change in their relationship. The phone conversations were no longer the same. The meetings which would take place once a day, would now be limited to once or twice a week. Vyom had no clue as to where Kiran would be during the break. He was slowly but surely beginning to feel irksome now.
Then one day Kiran herself broke the ice. "I am in love!" she exclaimed. Vyom was dumbstruck, but managed to retain his composure. He wanted her to continue. "I am sorry i didn't discuss this with you. But i just don't know how this happened. It all happened so fast. But it's a great feeling, I must say. He's the one for me!". Vyom finally spoke. "Well......great....emm. But we always used to discuss everything, didn't we? Nevertheless I am happy for you."Kiran had no answer. They departed after an awkward silence, with Vyom faking a smile.He didn't ask anything about the guy.Actually he didn't care. He was hurt.....but he didn't exactly know why was he feeling hurt. Maybe because he was miffed at the fact that he expected Kiran to share this with him,but she didn't. Maybe he felt he lost a friend......or maybe .........because he liked her. He was confused. Then he started blaming himself. Maybe it was all his fault. It was he who used to consider her as his best friend. Maybe he just expected too much. Soon all these thoughts started flooding out in the form of tears from his eyes.
Yes.......maybe he liked her,but never realized it. He didn't have an answer and he never will, he thought. Strange thing this destiny.......bitch!

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yugandhar said...

interesting story...hope it doesnt resemble any real ones...??? well actually to be frank was expecting more out of it...good story but it was kind of run off the mill...but hey this is what happens to a lot of ppl...unfortunately mostly engineering students..awaiting more posts....