Saturday, May 31, 2008

direct dil se......

आस्मान छूते सपने मेरे ,
कहते हैं मुझसे तू घबराना नही, वो है संग तेरे
देख रहा है वो koshish तेरी,
जानता है तू चाहता है जीतना ,पर ले रहा है इम्तेहान तेरा |

देखना चाहता है वो तू है फौलादी kitna
हैं तुझमे kitna दम ,
पर तू जानता है तुझमे है वो बात , नही तू किसी से कम |

तो क्या हुआ जो ठोकर लगी , सीखा है तू उन ठोकरों से भी,
हो खड़ा, कर मुकाबला ;पानी हैं manzilein कई अभी|
है माटी का पुतला तू , पर जज्बा रख फौलाद का
देख fir karishma उस्का , बेटा है तू उस भगवान् का |

Friday, May 9, 2008

Jaadu ki jhappi!!

vivas gone well and i m feeling relieved!!
all set for the written exams now!
but this is not what i m going to discuss here. something really sweet happened to me just a few days back; something which i will remember for quite some time.
we friends were at rohit's place and had "planned" to study DBMS(yawn!!)
at least the intention was there. well i don't think i need to specify what we did all afternoon (there are infinite ways of killing time). finally,as the clock struck 6 we people decided to go downstairs with this 487298kg book in our hands with the thought of studying in open air (how creative na!!)
we discussed some shit downstairs for about 10 minutes and then rohit's brother happened to manage a football and as soon as that happened i could instantly make out the outcome.
soon we found ourselves in in the nearby society where we were to play football. i opted out and decided to study and naturally the job
of guarding the books ,while the rest four(rohit, brett,maddy and amey) were busy playing, was entrusted to me. they placed the books on top of a car and rushed off to play.
soon after they left, i indulged myself in a fisticuff with the topic i was studying since morning, and yet had not been able to complete.
after a while, as i raised my head, i found an old man standing in front of me. i thought the car belonged to him and he would start ranting now "meri gaadi par ye books kisne rakhi".
but he didn't move, neither did he utter a word. he simply kept staring at me. i am rarely short of expressions, but that day i couldn't
think of a way to react. not knowing what to do, i smiled at him. he smiled back.
"are all these books yours son?" he said.
don't know why i said yes when all the books were titled same, written by the same author and on top of that i had a copy of my own in my hand.
"pretty heavy ones!! may be that's the reason why you are so weak" he said seemingly amused.
"ya may be" i said not being able to think of a better answer.
"studying engineering?"
"ya sir."
"hmmm......which college?"
"SARDAR-PATEL-COLLEGE-OF-ENGINEERING(people don't know SPIT)" i said 'seena taan ke'.i hoped to see raised eyebrows in response, given the reputation of S.P.(outside S.P. :p)
but all he gave back was a nod.
"got your exams tomorrow?"
"yes sir"
"wish u luck my boy. don't worry; you will do well" he said with a smile on his face.
i still don't know why all my answers were monosyllabic, given that i can get pretty garrulous at times.
we shook hands, and then........he hugged me!!
he smiled again and bid me good bye.
may be i am getting a bit senti but for a moment i did miss my grandfather.
i felt so relieved for some reason. may be the"jaadu ki jhappi" did its trick.
how often do we come across people who would volunteer to talk to unknown people and that too so affectionately.
i later narrated this incident to my friends.god knows why but they found it funny.
whatever be the faith that there is no dearth of good human beings on this earth, was reinforced.