Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The bitch named 'destiny'

It all began in the month of July when the rains were at their irritating best. Just like every other engineering aspirant,Vyom was a nervous wreck. After all, it was the time of admissions, and his anxiety was justified. Vyom would spend indefinite hours of the day consulting his acquaintances and gathering information about the best of Mumbai University colleges. The DTE website had become almost an indispensable part of his life lest he should lose out on any update the site had to offer. Little did he know, but he was inching closer to an experience he would never forget.....rather, wouldn't want to forget!

One night Vyom decided to breakaway from his monotonicity and entered the DTE chat room(ya guys the DTE site also has a chat room). There he found similar distressed souls discussing their fate and speculating the cut-offs.Vyom felt left out initially as he was new to the "DTE chat community". A generous soul finally responded to his "hi's" and "wassups" and that settled Vyom a bit. The person introduced himself as Karan and the two soon got talking. It was all the same the next day and Vyom met Karan online at around the same time as the previous day. On the third day, the conversation was taking its usual course when out of
nowhere Karan remarked,
"you know what vyom.......i lied to you".
"i am a girl, and not a guy".
For the first time in his life vyom felt good at being cheated. But he didn't want to make
his excitement apparent and answered
"you kidding me?? you realised that after two days of conversation??"

"no. trust me. i am a girl. actually i was the only girl to enter the chat room at that time
and i am fed up of guys asking me 'hey can we be friends?' and similar shit.soooo...."

Kiran continued in her convincing tone "just give me your number and i will buzz you right now. that should leave no room for any doubts"
vyom had every reason to believe her now. the two exchanged numbers and then Vyom willingly
subjected himself to an hour long gibberish from kiran. (i wish the female tongue had a mute button!)
This triggered the start of a series of long chats and phone conversations between the two
for the next couple of weeks or so. The two of them had got really close by now.
Vyom had created a virtual image of Kiran in his subconscious mind......a picture of someone with
Greek goddess looks and a charismatic charm about her. You can call it obsession, but
the truth was that Vyom had found his confidant in Kiran..........
(to be continued.....)